Managing Display Groups in Bohemica Signage

Managing Display Groups in Bohemica Signage

In Bohemica Signage, Display Groups serve as a powerful feature that simplifies the management of multiple displays. Groups allow you to bundle displays together and assign playlists to these bundles, instead of to individual displays. This is particularly beneficial when you're working with a large number of displays. This article will walk you through the process of creating and managing display groups and how they interact with playlist priorities.

Step 1: Create a Display Group

1. Navigate to the 'Groups' tab on the dashboard.

2. Click on 'Add New Group'.

3. Name your group and hit 'Add new group'.

Step 2: Add Displays to Groups

1. Click on the newly created group and then on its name to enter the group details.

2. Select the displays you wish to include in this group.

3. Confirm your selection - Save changes.

Be aware - any changes are live immediately after clicking 'Save'! Removing a display from a group may result in a blank screen being shown.

Step 3: Assign Playlists to Display Groups

1. Navigate to the 'Playlists' tab.

2. Select the playlist you wish to assign.

4. Choose the appropriate group(s) from the dropdown.

Step 4: Display Membership in Multiple Groups

1. A single display can be a member of multiple groups.

2. Navigate to the display's settings.

3. Add it to additional groups as needed.

Step 5: Handling Playlist Priorities in Groups

When you have multiple playlists assigned to a display group and the playlists overlap, the media will be played based on their priority settings.

1. Set Priority: Within each playlist, you can set a priority level.

2. Priority Interactions: When multiple playlists are assigned to the same group, the playlist with the highest priority will be displayed. If there are overlapping conditions between the playlists, priority settings dictate which one gets displayed.

Use case: a seasonal advertisement being played between 8:00 and 8:30 AM every day should have a seperated playlist with the highest priority.

Step 6: The Power of Layering

Given that one display can be in multiple groups, you can layer playlists for any and all groups. When playlists overlap in their active time, the playlist with the higher priority takes precedence.

Step 7: Save and Monitor

Always remember to save your settings after making any changes. The system will automatically update the assigned playlists to the display groups based on the priority settings you've chosen.

By leveraging display groups and the priority system, you can orchestrate a highly dynamic and responsive digital signage setup. This makes it easy to manage complex configurations, from a few screens in a local shop to hundreds of displays in a large commercial center.

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