Creating Playlists in Bohemica Signage

Creating Playlists in Bohemica Signage

Creating and managing playlists in Bohemica Signage is a straightforward process, yet it offers advanced features that provide you with a high degree of flexibility and control. This article will guide you through creating a playlist, adding multimedia content, setting durations, and taking advantage of the calendar and layering features.

Step 1: Create a New Playlist

1. Navigate to the 'Playlists' tab on the dashboard.

2. Click on 'Add new playlist' in the top right corner.

3. Name your playlist and click 'Add new playlist' button.

Step 2: Add Multimedia Content

After creating the playlist, you can add various types of media: videos, images, and URLs.

1. Click on 'Add playable'.

2. Select the type of playable you want to add. You may need to upload the playable in advance - in Playables section.

Step 3: Configure Media Settings

1. For Videos: You can set the repeat amount.

- Adjust the repeat amount and save.

2. For Images and URLs: You can adjust the duration.

- Set the time duration for how long the media should be displayed. The format is hours : minutes : seconds : miliseconds.

Step 4: Review Playlist Duration

Your web app will display the total length of the playlist at the bottom. This is an aggregate of all the media times and their respective settings. Keep in mind, that even a 1 milisecond offset can have an impact if you plan to synchronize this playlist with another similar playlist. The durations must match perfectly.

Step 5: Utilize the Calendar Feature

1. Navigate to the 'Calendar' tab below the playlist order.

2. Set Conditions:

- Define the time in hours and minutes when the playlist should be active.

- Specify days of the week if needed.

- Optionally set a start and end date for the playlist.

Step 6: Handling Overlapping Playlists

1. Go to the 'Priority' section and click Change priority.

2. Set the Priority Level: If multiple playlists are active at the same time, you can define which playlist takes precedence.

Step 7: Select display groups

Multiple groups can share the same playlist. Choose display groups from the dropdown.

Step 7: Save and Deploy

Don't forget to save your playlist settings before exiting. Once saved, your playlist will be part of the overall media rotation based on your defined conditions and priority settings.

By understanding and utilizing these features, you can create dynamic playlists that are not just sequential but also time-sensitive and layered based on priority. This offers a versatile and robust solution for various digital signage needs.

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