Pricing options

Pricing options

1 display is always free.

Starting with second display, the pricing is based on the total number of managed displays.

Number of displays

Price per month

2 - 9


10 - 19


20 - 49


50 - 99




Enterprise solutions and custom pricing available on request.

Every options includes:

  • 4h video storage per display

  • Access roles: admin, standard, upload only

  • Unlimited playlists

  • Unlimited displays

  • Unlimited display groups

  • Unlimited locations

  • Store location planner (displays will enter sleep mode outside working hours)

Businesses may be interested in:

  • Custom billing e-mail address

  • VAT invoice once a month

  • Cancel anytime

Bohemica Signage is based in the Czech republic, EU. For EU customers, VAT will be applied and for VAT payers inside EU, reverse charge is used. For international non-EU businesses, no VAT is applied. For end-users, 21% VAT is applied.

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